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Unchaste University is committed to connecting Women Author-Teachers to Writers and to supporting Author-Teachers financially and to supporting Women Writers artistically.

So, announcing…

The First Course in the Series of Unchaste University’s Writing Courses

Where: St. Johns Booksellers

When: Saturday, August 9th, 2014, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., writing class, followed by dinner in the St. Johns area of Portland, Oregon and an open mic back at St. Johns Booksellers.

Cari Luna will be the Author-Teacher. We are very excited about this! We are also very lucky to have Cari Luna show the way.

The personal is political. We’ve heard it countless times. Many of us cut our teeth on it. It’s at the very core of feminism. But what does it mean? And in particular, what does it mean for us as writers? In this class we’ll look at how women writers from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives have approached the political in their work, and then we’ll dig in and take on the challenge ourselves. Come prepared to think and talk and write. Come with a story to tell, or a question to answer, with something that’s made you so angry it might burn right through you if you don’t get it out, or even just a vague itch that you haven’t quite been able to reach. Or come with nothing but an open mind and a pen. (Though, really, I’d be happy to lend you a pen.)

Cari Luna is the author of The Revolution of Every Day, published by Tin House Books. The Oregonian named Luna’s debut novel a Top 10 Northwest Book of 2013. She is a graduate of the MFA fiction program at Brooklyn College, and her writing has appeared in SalonJacobinPANKAvery AnthologyfailbetterNovembre Magazine, and elsewhere. Cari lives in Portland, Oregon.

Cari Luna

Cari Luna

$45 for this wonderful opportunity. One scholarship will be available per course. Please ask jenny@theforrest.org for registration details.


If you are interested in teaching or attending a class, please send your name, contact email and some text about what you’d like to teach or a class that you’d like to see us offer.

To: jenny@theforrest.org