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Podcast available! I have no words for my gratitude for all that was, is, and will be Unchaste. Unchaste is Mazel – place, time, what we have to give. It is hallowed ground. It is fire. It is seven words, ain’t it. It is words that are too small to express love. It’s broken windows and bruises. It’s rising. It’s the side of Voice and Revolt. It’s hurting men’s feelings. It’s apple flesh and witches and queens. It’s risk. It’s what’s going on externally, internally, and earth-wise. It’s letting out rage. It’s being travelers. It’s calling on those who will help us. It’s protest. It’s lonely. It’s realities. It’s close. It’s opposing sanitized change. It’s affecting change in the conversation. It’s not exclusively peaceful. It’s nuance. It’s being too loud, wearing certain things, being provocative. It’s showing up messy. It’s a serpent in a basket. It’s consentual.

It’s here!

The Winners of the Hip Mama Magazine/Unchaste Readers Writing Contest!

We had an amazing response to the Hip Mama and Unchaste Readers 2015 writing contest. Thanks to all of the writers who submitted their work.


Our panel of judges included Evelyn Sharenov, member of the National Book Critic’s Circle, Megan Kruse, author of Call Me Home (Hawthorne Books, 2015), Shell Feijo, Hip Mama submissions editor, Sarah Maria Medina, author of the forthcoming A House by the Sea in Havana, Jenny Forrester, curator of the Unchaste Readers Series, and Ariel Gore, editor of Hip Mama.

Look for winning pieces in upcoming issues of Hip Mama and live at Unchaste Readers in Portland.

1st Place
Anna Doogan for “Fires”

2nd Place
Elizabeth Bachner for “Gravity

3rd Place
Jillian Brady for “What Family”

Honorable Mention
Rebecca Ewan for “A Cartoonist Interprets Her Own Poetry”
Mary Mandeville for “Giant Sequoia”
Lisbeth Coiman for “Menarche”
Vanessa Fernando for “Bright”
Lisa Sinnett for “Mother’s Milk”