Unchaste Anthology: Call for Submissions

Unchaste Submissions

If you've already read at Unchaste or are scheduled to, please send your best 100 words or art that will fit nicely onto the 3.5" x 5" Scout Book page. Files should be either .doc (for text that isn't a particular format) or .jpg or .TIF if your text or artwork has a particular format that you want. Hybrid forms/non-traditional etcetera very welcome. If you'd like to, please include instructions about how you want your work edited/curated/presented. I'll abide the best I can. Submit to info@unchastereaders.com.


If your submission is chosen, you'll be paid $20 via Paypal. No venmo, no checks, no other way, please. Maybe I can give you $20 in person, if we need to do that.

The anthology will be available at Wordstock, Portland, November 11, 2017. Contributors can enjoy their work being available at Hawthorne Books with great thanks to Rhonda Hughes for her generosity.

If you're Unchaste, but haven't or can't read/perform for some reason, please also submit! You, too, can be Unchaste. See above for submission requirements. 

To familiarize yourself with Unchaste (if you're not already familiar with it), here's the website, the FB page, and the Instagram account. Hopefully, you already know.
Unchastereaders on Instagram

Jenny Forrester will curate the collection to represent as many voices as possible - so the collection is inclusive, equitable, just, and woke to borrow the terms and work of many. Please present your own work and read your mind, as we say.

Thank you
 so much for reading! 

Please forward to people who might be interested in signing up to this newsletter. Forward to people who might be interested in submitting. I'll try to keep things brief. Thank you!