July 15th! Jade Lounge

Come see us at Jade Lounge with Flint, Cassia, Amanda, and Jackie. 

Jackie Treiber is a collage artist and writer from Portland, Oregon. Her collages have been featured at Blick Art, the Yards Collective in Rochester, New York and Redux Gallery in Portland. Over the years, her writing has been published in The Literary Review and Nailed Magazine.

Cassia Chambers is a writer who is also a labor-community organizer and parent. Her writing has been published in Nimrod International Journal, Bombay Gin, and The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care. She lives with her daughter in Portland.

Amanda Helstrom-White is Coloradoan who has made Portland her home for over 10 years. She started writing poetry via osmosis when she found herself in a relationship with the godfather of the poetry mafia. She is on a mission to bring new voices to the world via her reading series, Neon Dream She has read her poetry live at New Poet Challenge, Free Range Poetry, Unchaste Readers, Get Nervous, Grief Rites, KBOO’s Talking Earth, Talking To at Tony's Tavern, and Word Warriors. She has been published in Gobshite Quarterly, Acta Aperta, and recently published her first chapbook Tattoos and Haiku, a collection of 100 Haiku. She is currently working on her next project, Dear Asshole on the Bus and Other Rantings of an Angry Panda. She lives in Downtown Portland, Oregon, with her partner and her two teacup panthers, Walter and Jesse. You can find more of her work at angrypandapoet.tumblr.com

Flint is a queer writer, activist and performance artist with an MFA in Writing from the School of Critical Studies at CalArts, and an abiding interest in hybridity, performativity and generative genre-tampering. Her work has been published and performed here, there and elsewhere—including the theatre arts anthology Staging Social Justice and the introductory issue of Two Hawks Quarterly, where her poem, 'In Praise of Two Hawks Fucking,' inspired the journal's name. Her memoir, Blood, was a finalist for the University of New Orleans’ 2017 Press LAB Award.

Unchaste News

Come to Pride on June 20th! Literary Arts Space, downtown PDX. 7 pm sharp start, hosted by Jewels!


Unchaste Readers Series
A reading series with an annual print anthology for poets, writers, musicians, artists who are Not CIS men.

Amie Zimmerman's got a new chapbook out! It's so beautiful.
Read some of her things here


Jenny Yang TV is must must must see!


Aubrey Lenahan is a powerhouse. Aubrey is the author of Note Pinned to the Back of a Dress (H_NGM_N BOOKS, 2013). Her poems have appeared in ForkliftOhioLevelerThe Massachusetts ReviewThe Greensboro Review, and Boog City, among others. A native New Yorker, she has taught creative writing and literature at various east coast institutions, and now lives and writes in Portland, OR. 


Pamela K. Santos has a new book out, too! Check for her work here. The Secret Lumpia.


And IPRC just graduated some wonderful souls from their publishing program. Jessica Wadleigh is one of them!
Links to come. I've read parts of this in pre-production. SO WONDERFUL


ALSO! Would you like to teach for writers in the schools in Oregon?

From the desk of Writers in the Schools. "We offer part-time, contractor-style work, placing writers in short-term creative writing residencies in public high schools.  I think you’d be good at this, and I would love it if you’d give it some thought."

Information about applying is here:


Unchaste Anthology: Call for Submissions

Unchaste Submissions

If you've already read at Unchaste or are scheduled to, please send your best 100 words or art that will fit nicely onto the 3.5" x 5" Scout Book page. Files should be either .doc (for text that isn't a particular format) or .jpg or .TIF if your text or artwork has a particular format that you want. Hybrid forms/non-traditional etcetera very welcome. If you'd like to, please include instructions about how you want your work edited/curated/presented. I'll abide the best I can. Submit to info@unchastereaders.com.


If your submission is chosen, you'll be paid $20 via Paypal. No venmo, no checks, no other way, please. Maybe I can give you $20 in person, if we need to do that.

The anthology will be available at Wordstock, Portland, November 11, 2017. Contributors can enjoy their work being available at Hawthorne Books with great thanks to Rhonda Hughes for her generosity.

If you're Unchaste, but haven't or can't read/perform for some reason, please also submit! You, too, can be Unchaste. See above for submission requirements. 

To familiarize yourself with Unchaste (if you're not already familiar with it), here's the website, the FB page, and the Instagram account. Hopefully, you already know.
Unchastereaders on Instagram

Jenny Forrester will curate the collection to represent as many voices as possible - so the collection is inclusive, equitable, just, and woke to borrow the terms and work of many. Please present your own work and read your mind, as we say.

Thank you
 so much for reading! 

Please forward to people who might be interested in signing up to this newsletter. Forward to people who might be interested in submitting. I'll try to keep things brief. Thank you!